For 24 years, nearly 5 million viewers, about 6,000 events, a quarter of a thousand cities….
Our secret? Working with passion. Brussa Agency conducts a wide range of activities in the production and organization of cultural events: from cabarets and stand-up performances, through ballet performances and operetta and musical galas, to popular music concerts and traditional dance shows. Cooperation with outstanding artists from Poland and abroad ensures the highest level of entertainment we provide – the offer is aimed at audiences of all ages. Audience satisfaction is the only measure of our activities, and our motto – “We are limited only by our imagination”.

What’s ahead? More regular and seasonal events, tours and new challenges – perhaps a full-scale operetta or musical, visiting more cities and regions of our country? Or maybe international dance shows? Who knows – for now, fasten your seatbelts, we are embarking on another concert journey to the world of imagination and pure beauty enchanted in music….